Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tony Blair - Mr Conceited

I've never ever voted for him. He has always looked half the man of John Smith. He is an opportunist. His path was only made possible because of the fate of timing and Smith's unfortunate passing. This led him to believe he was much greater than he could ever possibly have been, it is a complex which all who look on can see. He has left the country and the world in a worse position than he found it but yet he thinks the public respect him.

"Detailing plans for Mr Blair to appear on programmes including Blue Peter and Songs of Praise, it continues: "He needs to go with the crowds wanting more. He should be the star who won't even play that last encore."

bye bye Tony. You should have left a long long time ago. History will write about you as a failed leader whose ego and media skills were always far greater than your abilities and stature as a statesman.


Anonymous said...

As a person who has taken a lot more out the UK than they have contributed I feel that you shouldn't even be allowed to vote. It is free loaders like you, who's take take take attitude is all too common in the west. You then get on your soap box and criticise world leaders. Actions speak louder than words. Bono speaks of cancelling 3rd world debt yet, lives in a large house(s) etc. Get a job - pay your way - mummy and daddy won't be there for ever !

Dylan said...

Fantastic anonymous. leave a name next time. BTW what part of my soap boxing wasnt valid comment?

dyslexicdonal said...

Any effective world leader must have confidence in his views and decisions. There is sometimes a danger that when you disagree with those decisions or the views that you personalise your disagreement. People who have met Blair personally are nearly all impressed by his personality. They do not find him arrogant but rather a person who they can relate to. He won three general elections. He has always appeared to have had a genuine wish to improve the health service and the education system, flowing from a deep held belief that these areas are of crucial importance to everyone.
His great failing has been an inability to analyse major conflicts on the world stage, and perhaps his most fundamental error being to take his country into an aggressive war against the wishes of a majority of the population. Harold Wilson did not make the mistake of getting Britain involved in Vietnam and yet the pressures on him were probably greater because this country was even more dependent then on America. Blair has never had the abilty to dispassionately analyse situations which is essential on the world stage, the stage he really wanted to succeed on. It is for that reason I feel his should retire. I make no judgment on whether his personality is flawed as your blog suggests.

Dylan said...

I like what you say, it makes a lot of sense and you say it with a calmer grasp than i. You also spell very well.