Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Being Mixed Race

Sometimes i don't like talking about race. Its the social scientist in me that has read countless articles about race being a social construction only to have to scrap such ivory tower thinking in the face of real situations out there IN the world. I guess i think if i don't talk about it, race might become less real IN my world and we can see it for the flawed, constructionist thinking it is. But i've always been lucky and you can't dismiss what is a serious issue for countless people everywhere. With that here's an interesting article in GU by Laura Smith on being mixed race in the UK. Did you know that up until the 2001 census there wasnt even a category for mixed race or that only 680,000 mixed race identified people turned up on that census, i would have thought there's a lot more than that. Smith makes clear the point i'm trying to here, "[n]ot all mixed people face the same issues." It's a subtle yet obvious nuance. Yet such thinking is a better mode of thought not just for one 'type' of 'people', but all 'persons' everywhere.

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