Friday, September 01, 2006

Cricket - and more WICB bad management

"In light of the recent release from the WICB in regards to Pakistan’s willingness to change their dates to accommodate the Super Star Match - which up to now has not been formally communicated to Mr. Allen Stanford - he wishes to issue the following public statement:

The cancellation of the Super Star match was based on a letter written by the President of the WICB dated 25th August in which it was conveyed that there was absolutely nothing that could be done with the dates for Pakistan and that Mr. Ken Gordon, as quoted in his letter, had conveyed his disappointment to the PCB Chairman, Mr. Shaharyar Khan.

After receiving this communication from Mr. Gordon and realising the level it had gone to with the PCB and much contemplation on the issue, the extremely difficult decision was made to cancel the match. Subsequent to this, South Africa was informed, agreements with suppliers were cancelled and the Super Star squad that were training in Antigua were informed and the camp was discontinued because of the irresolvable issue with the Pakistan tour dates.

At this stage it would be unprofessional to reinstate all of this to accommodate what appears to be a lack of efficiency and miscommunication on the part of the WICB, the very organisation who assured us the dates could be accommodated."

And here is the proof to back up Stanford's statement, a letter from Ken Gordon, President of West Indies Cricket Board Inc. These guys real dumb boy.

August 25, 2006

Mr. Allen Stanford
By Email

Dear Allen,

I have had to leave Trinidad for Tobago at short notice.

We have received a response this morning from the Pakistan Cricket Board indicating that they are unable to shift their dates. I have conveyed my disappointment to the Chairman, Mr. Shaharyar Khan, but I am afraid there is nothing more that can be done on that front.

As far as the selection of the team is concerned, we have also run into a snag. Brian Lara has argued strongly (and not without some logic) that he would not like to have the team selected for Pakistan until after the Tri Nation series. It is his view that the players must be in a position where they must earn their places and if we have settled so far ahead it could defeat that purpose.

I regret that we have not been able to go along as we had hoped, but in the one instance it was Pakistan’s call and in the other, Mr. Lara has a valid position. It always helps when people have to struggle for their places on the team.


(not signed when sent electronically)
K. Gordon

This is whole episode is a pity - because everyone who saw the 20/20 competition knows the public loved it and was looking forward to seeing the special game. Once again the WICB shaft the West Indian Public. Cha! When will it end?

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