Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David Harvey and the possibility of social revolution

"the Problem for the anti-capitalist left is to build organizational forms and to unleash a co-revolutionary dynamic that can replace the present system of compounding accumulation of capital with some other forms of social coordination, exchange and control that can deliver an adequate style and standard of living for the 6.8 billion people living on planet earth."

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Manual for climbing mountains

A] Choose the mountain you want to climb

B] Know how to get close to it

C] Learn from someone who has already been up there

D] When seen up close, dangers are controllable

E] The landscape changes, so enjoy it

F] Respect your body

G] Respect your soul

H] Be prepared to climb one kilometer more

I] Be happy when you reach the top

J] Make a promise

L] Tell your story

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"Two weeks before the war came, [the girls] wrote their names in the sand. Where are their names now? Written in stone on their tombs. But I tell you one day their names will be written in metal and stone at schools and medical institutions dedicated to their memory. Words are stronger than bullets. We have to offer a message of hope to those who believe in hate and revenge."