Saturday, November 15, 2008

Patrick Manning and Keith Rowley, Bobol again and again

As he left Parliament last night after Manning’s statements, Rowley told reporters: “The facts have come out, that he is wrong. He is too big to say he is wrong. He is too big to say he will apologise. There is somebody or persons who are misleading the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister is prepared to be misled. I am saying now that the Prime Minister is in need of proper advice on these and other matters.”

Rowley added: “Whoever is taking the Prime Minister down this road, is doing him no favours. I think the Prime Minister’s conduct is disgraceful.”

“I call on the Prime Minister to cease and desist. Somebody should advise the Prime Minister when you are in a hole and you want to get out, the first thing you have to do, is stop digging.



Tricia said...

When "power" is the norm in contemporary politics there is no matter how much you dig! Manning's persistence for power forbids him to desist...and that is an unprecedented fact in Trinidad's politics. In my country the meaning of Law has lost its validity and momentum. Although we are misled into believing that the Rule of Law shapes our legal system thus bringing forth the "equality" is nontheless used as a mechanism by politicians to enhance their own personal well being through investments and other business ventures. Partisan-politics is the norm in this country and so long as this attitude pervades...politics will forever be corrupted as it is today!

renaldo said...

That is so true. The present political issue in the world irritates me unconditionally as it does you. There is no justice in the political system and the ROL is abusedrather than consumed. Tricia your debate inferred that partisan politics is the cause for all this disharmony and corruption in the system. What would you propose as a solution?