Friday, July 27, 2007

AK-47s, Arab Jails & Animal Smugglers: Interview with Conflict Photographer

My buddy Alex Smailes. A very cool cat, amazing photographer and, well, read for yourself...

"We faxed it to friends at Cambridge just to check what it was. They called right away and said, “Where did you find this? Don’t go anywhere near it! Your balls would drop off!” We told the editor of the newspaper we were working for a regional newspaper. He basically came back and said, “Leave that alone.” The actual owner of the newspaper was a member of the royal family! So we put it in an envelope and dropped it off to the American Embassy. That was the last we thought of it until I started getting phone calls in the middle of the night saying Mr. Smailes can you come and meet me at the Sheraton Hotel I hear you are causing a big problem."

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