Monday, November 06, 2006


"What difference is his execution going to make to chaos in Iraq?" asked Aziz Majeed, a Kurd from Irbil. "I hate Saddam, but I can't blame him for the current situation - my country has become the most dangerous place on earth. Where is the freedom the Americans promised?"

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SheldonWaithe said...

Margaret Beckett championed the verdict stating that Saddam is now being held accountable for the crimes (and deaths) in Iraq. Oh the hypocrisy of it all when Tony & George will not be held acountable for the death and destruction they have caused in a mere 3 year period. Death and destruction based on lies and manipulation and let's not forget the defiance of the UN.

So why not do the same to 'rescue' the suffering people of Zimbabwe for example? Oh that's right, no oil down there. Sorry my mistake, I failed to see the bigger picture.

A verdict delivered on the eve of mid-term elections.......hmmmmm