Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Maybe im slow on the up take but this has to be the best acronym i've heard in ages

"What I am saying is that if we look at the discourses that structure our immediate political reality – most strikingly the discourses that surround T.W.A.T (the war against terror) we can see how this war is a condition of the discursive poverty of erroneous relations that we do not, of course!, have to affirm by perpetuating its reductive logic, but nonetheless these structures hold enormous sway over how we can think of relating to each other. "

Its from a so-so article about Butler and Braidotti, the two central gender philosophers of our present moment, who are well worth reading in their own right. But because of the authors great use of the word twat and the war on terror together i'll put the link to 'Transformative thresholds: Braidotti, Butler & the ethics of relation' here.

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