Friday, August 25, 2006


A friend says to me quoting a line from film Pinero (about the poet/playwright Miguel Pinero: "you know, lately I forget every wonderful thing I want to remember. Things like - things that hapen when you're in a cab or at the doctor, or just walking and watching because that's all you can afford emotionally - and you say, you say, 'i'm gonna remember this and place it where it fits'...I don't know about you, but I always forget them."

It sparks more connections. Im reminded of Walter Benjamin and his pal Hannah Arendt who spoke of the phantasmorgoric and the mode of a storyteller whose real gift is not to reproduce the world as it makes sense, but to make a new world through building it up from the little bits and pieces people often overlook. Life isnt about what makes sense but about what doesnt.

As another friend points out. Any arsehole can see what's in front of their eyes. it takes more to see what's hidden from us. And its those little things we can't hold onto that hold the solution for different times. Instead we walk from here to there pursuing a global system whose only certainties are that it is unsustainable and that it carries us toward our lesser selves.

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Anoush Rima said...

"But nature is the only raw material that the artist is free to work with, as he wishes, on only one condition: he must study the character of life and mold it into forms that, until his arrival, were known to no one."

- V. Mayakovsky, 1913
"The relationship between contemporary theatre & cinema & art"