Sunday, July 23, 2006

3rd time lucky

OK third blogspot that ive started. Two hide in the cached cyberspace graveyard. just aswell i guess because i said some stuff i'd rather keep there.

What have I learnt since then about the art of blogging, well from those i like, that the overly personal should probably be kept that way and a constant thread, theme or topic of musing is a good way to go. From there you can hang all the other stuff in your own way.

So with that in mind this a blog about the ideas i learn from my PhD in anthropology, football trivia (because that makes me happy) and the caribbean as its a place dear to my heart (and where my mum's from).

hopefully those things will gel and i can keep my blogging energies up to keep everything fresh.

But for now its just me and you, or you and me, so lets se how it goes. One love. And peace in the middle east

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